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:bulletblack:Bladed Automail arm
Without these, I would be unfit to protect the prince.







My lord, I shall serve you till the ends of the Earth, and then some. As long as you'll have me, then I'll be there.



I'll give you one warning only: Stay out of my lord's way or I will not hesitate in cutting you down no matter the cost.



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Okay, it's been awhile since this account has been really active. So, I plan on trying to decorate this account, starting either tomorrow or Monday. I may not remember how to do some things, so any help would be appreciated.

Also, if there's anything (and I mean anything) in particular you'd like me to include, please let me know.


AskLanFan's Profile Picture
Lan Fan
:bulletblack:Birthplace: Xing
:bulletred:Family: Fu (Grandfather)
:bulletblack:Affiliations: Yao Clan, Ling Yao
:bulletred:Abilities: Xingese Martial Arts, Detection of Aura
:bulletblack:Age: 15

I am one of prince Ling Yao's bodyguards. I will protect him no matter what, even at the cost of my own life.


| Love struck | Hyper | Excited | Cheerful | Happy | Calm | Hostile | Pissed | Angry | Upset | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Uncomfortable | Confused | Sad | Distraught | Insecure | Crying | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | Deathly afraid | Content | Shy | Anti-social | Lonely | Bewildered | Pained | Hurt | Overwhelmed | Emotional | Friendly | Energetic | Peaceful | Cocky | Blood Thirsty | Sexual | Lazy |

~Mental State~

| Perfectly Fine | Fine | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Depression | Uncontrollable Bouts Of Rage | Manic | Losing It | Lost It | Bat-shit Insane | Psychotic | Seeing Things | Intense Paranoia | Moderate Paranoia | Delusional | Lost Touch With Reality | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event |

~Physical State~

| God Tier | Demi-God Tier |Perfectly fine | In Good Shape | Great | Okay | Getting worse | Getting Better | Throwing up | Aching | Burns | Bruised | Sick | Fatally Ill | Boo-boo | Wounded | Mortally Wounded | Hospitalized | Recovering | Addicted | On Medication | Infection | Paralyzed | Broken Bones | Dying | Dead | Ghost |

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